Zoo Science for Keepers and Aquarists is a free service that aims to bridge the gap between hard-core empirical quantitative research and the people who care for animals on a day to day basis.

Each month will feature science published in peer reviewed journals that is directly relevant to improving zoo and aquarium animal welfare.

The papers may offer clear solutions or ideas you may be able to implement or tweak to fit your animals. Some may reveal useful zoo or aquarium enrichment ideas, training techniques or improved environmental parameters.

Do check with others before implementing anything you read on this site.

We really want to highlight good projects done by students, keepers and aquarists that have not yet made it to peer review. There is a lot of great information that for now is hidden away but could improve welfare in captive animals.

Our goal is to get the science to the people that matter the most – you, the keepers and aquarists!

Although based in the UK we are determined to keep the information within globally relevant. If we can help improve this let us know.

National Marine Aquarium (UK) Research

Share List     Thanks to Dr Deborah Cracknell at the National Marine Aquarium (Plymouth, UK) we are able to

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