This is a beta feature that aims to streamline and simplify finding relevant citations. It uses Mendeley ( which has a website and desktop app. The reason this bibliography software is used (as opposed to for e.g. endnote) as it is free and therefore available to anyone and seems the best way to do this sort of thing on WordPress. Any suggestions are welcome, especially for making it searchable/interactive.

The references are collected via Web of Knowledge using the following search terms: Zoo AND Welfare; Aquarium AND Welfare; Ornamental AND Fish AND Welfare. To come: Zoo AND Behaviour; Zoo AND Breeding; etc.

The references are  heavily dominated by the aquatic taxa for the time being, if you use Mendeley and have a bibliography that you would like to share we would be very grateful. As stated above this a beta version of the page and therefore may have one or two quirks! There are also a few non-peer reviewed citations for example, husbandry documents published by WAZA et al., Citations are in alphabetical order (ordered last name first, even if first name is shown before last name urghh – something that needs a fix)

The best way to use this page is to Ctrl+F – a box will appear for you to type in a keyword, good for highly specific terms or general topics

If there are significant issues with this page you can access the bibliography here:

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